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You Can Now Use Your Meta Avatar in Video Calls on Instagram and Messenger

You Can Now Use Your Meta Avatar in Video Calls on Instagram and Messenger

  • by Ozhan Ozkan

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has introduced a toolset that brings cartoon avatars to video conferencing, providing an alternative to traditional video calls. This feature allows users to participate in video conversations while displaying a customizable avatar instead of their actual appearance. The avatars can be created using Meta's avatar-creation system, which has gained popularity with over a billion avatars created by users.

The avatar creator allows for detailed customization, enabling users to create a digital representation that closely resembles their real face and body. Originally developed for VR applications, the avatar creator has now expanded to smartphones and other platforms.

It's important to note that the avatars do not include visible legs during video calls. Meta is continuously working to enhance the avatar creation system, promising more realistic and textured animations in the future. Additionally, users have the freedom to create avatars that don't resemble their actual selves, allowing for creative and fun interactions during video calls.

Meta's avatar toolset is currently available for Messenger and Instagram users, providing a "third option" between audio-only calls and full video calls. This feature allows users to engage in video conversations while maintaining privacy and flexibility in their physical appearance during the call.

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