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X Launches Revenue Sharing Program for Content Creators

X Launches Revenue Sharing Program for Content Creators

  • by Ozhan Ozkan

Elon Musk's social network, previously known as Twitter but rebranded as X, has officially launched a groundbreaking program to distribute advertising revenue among its content creators. Musk's vision to revolutionize content monetization on the platform was announced last month and is now coming to fruition.

In recent weeks, the company discreetly made payments to select individual authors. However, the program has now been opened up to users worldwide who meet specific criteria. Interested individuals can apply for participation through the monetization tab in the settings.

The eligibility requirements for the program are as follows: applicants must hold an X Blue subscription (formerly Twitter Blue) or be affiliated with a Verified Organization (formerly Twitter Verified Organization). Additionally, they should have amassed at least 15 million views on their aggregate posts within the last three months and have a minimum of 500 followers.

In a statement, the company emphasized its commitment to simplicity, stating that all eligible X Blue and Verified Organization subscribers meeting the criteria are automatically qualified for revenue sharing upon joining the program. Content creators will receive payouts once their earnings exceed $50. The exact method for calculating these payouts has not been disclosed yet.

The new revenue sharing initiative aims to empower content creators on X, providing them with a direct financial incentive for their contributions to the platform. By rewarding users who generate significant engagement and possess a substantial following, X seeks to foster a thriving ecosystem of innovative and valuable content.

With the launch of this program, Elon Musk's X takes a bold step toward reshaping the landscape of social media monetization. As the platform continues to evolve, content creators can look forward to new opportunities for financial growth and recognition in a space that values their creativity and impact.

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