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The hottest day in world history was July 4th: Record broken in 24 hours

The hottest day in world history was July 4th: Record broken in 24 hours

  • by Ozhan Ozkan
On July 4th, the global average temperature reached a new record of 17.18 degrees Celsius( 62.92 Fahrenheit) , making it the hottest day on record. Surprisingly, this temperature record was broken within just 24 hours of the previous record set on July 3rd.

According to data from the US meteorological service NCEP, July 3rd had been initially recorded as the hottest day on record when the global average temperature was measured at 17.01 degrees Celsius.

However, the global temperature record was quickly surpassed, and on July 4th, the average temperature reached an even higher point of 17.18 degrees Celsius.

As the effects of climate change caused by human activities continue to intensify, air temperatures are steadily rising. Scientists are warning that temperature records could be broken again, particularly over the next six weeks.

The World Meteorological Organization has also reported that El Niño conditions have begun, which may further contribute to temperature increases.

Previously, in August 2016, the global average temperature had been measured at 16.9 degrees Celsius, indicating the magnitude of the recent temperature records being set.

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